Traditionserlass Helmut Lent Kaserne Rotenburg Wümme

LL679, A2-J. Crew all KIA – cerdited to Maj. Helmut Lent of Stab./NJG3

14th January 1944
Weather: Fine and sunny all day. Air Tests and a Height and Load Test took place in the morning. Main Briefing took place for the first time in the New Briefing room. The Group Gunnery Leader – S/Ldr. D.H.K. Keary, DFC – paid a visit to the Squadron in the afternoon. The Group Intelligence Officer – S/Ldr. E.E. Colquhoun, the Group Engineering Leader – F/L R. Holmes; DFC, the Public Relations Officer – S/L. L.A. Nickolle also visited the Station and were present at the Briefing and Interrogation of crews.

23 Aircraft were detailed for Bombing Operations. 3 failed to take off, 4 returned early and 2 failed to return. The remainder carried out their mission successfully and returned to Base. Believed to be a good raid. JU88s were seen firing rocket projectiles. Photos of Brunswick are largely cloud. No results observed.

Missing Aircraft:

LL685, A2-G. Intercepted at 105 hours by a night-fighter flown by Hptm. Walter Barte of Stab III./NJG3 West of Bennebostel and crashed 5km S of Celle. Crew all KIA; they are now buried in Hannover War Cemetery.

S/L EF Sly DFC (Pilot)
F/O PF Boulter (Flight Engineer
F/O JL Martin RCAF – Navigator
P/O EH Thomas DFM RCAF – Bomb Aimer
F/O JA Sneddon DFM RCAF – MU Gunner
P/O FG Rosher DFM – Rear Gunner

S/L Sly DFC was Flight Commander, ‘C’ Flight.

LL679, A2-J. Crew all KIA and buried in Hannover War Cemetery. Probably victim of night-fighter. Stated on to have crashed at Lauenberg, SE of Dassel, however this appears to be a long way South of the bomber stream. It is possible that LL679 fell victim to Maj. Helmut Lent of Stab./NJG3 who is credited with an unidentified Lancaster at much the same time and place as LL685 above.

F/S PE Mason RNZAF – Pilot
F/S AE Dimock – Air Bomber
F/S JS Gallagher RNZAF – Navigator
Sgt EJ Oakley RCAF – MU Gunner
Sgt JW Hennis – Rear Gunner
Sgt RF Laishley – Flight Engineer


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